What We Do

MealFlour provides mealworm farming training to communities in areas with high rates of malnutrition. We have two main programs, our education and training program and our 'train-the-trainer' crash course program. For more information about MealFlour's activities in 2016, read our 2016 Annual Report.

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Mealworm farming training: Candelaria

In October 2016, MealFlour started work with the community of Candelaria, located outside Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. In Candelaria, MealFlour runs charlas (discussion-based classes) on the importance of nutrition, introduction to mealworms, and the basics of mealworm farming. The program lasts for 6 months.

After the first week of nutrition and mealworm farming instruction classes, family members of the women in our flagship group approached us to ask if they could join the program as well. To accommodate this organically growing interest, we also started a weekend class. Men and women who work during the week can learn about farming, build their own farms, and receive our mealworm starter pack to start growing environmentally sustainable protein in their homes.

Check out Doña Irma's, a MealFlour participant in Candelaria, thoughts after she made her first batch of mealworm flour.


Crash course with PEILE

Through one of our partner NGOs, PEILE, MealFlour runs a crash course with aspiring teachers from all over Guatemala. On the first day, students receive an overview of nutrition, mealworms, and farming. Day two, students are encouraged to bring in materials from home that they think could be used to construct a farm, such as milk bottles and water jugs - items that would otherwise be thrown out. The farm building workshop allows students to test their knowledge from the the Day 1 overview and to experiment with fully up-cycled farms. On the last day, students work with the mealworm flour and create a protein-packed and delicious recipe. After training, MealFlour is available to teachers who want to bring the program to their home communities. 



In the department, Huehuetenango MealFlour runs a train the trainer program with community leaders. The 4 week training takes the leaders through the process of mealworm farming along with how to train other people in their community. The group of leaders works together to maintain a farm and build their own farm at the end of the course. MealFlour supports each leader through their first round of training 5 - 10 neighbors in their home communities.