October 2017

Mealworm farming inspires innovation

After explaining the basic structure of a mealworm farm to a group of women in Xela, they came up with a new and fast way to create air flow. The group is going to use their new farms to experiment with different food sources and help contribute to the growing body of knowledge around home-production of sustainable protein! Stay tuned for the results.

Toasting mealworms in San Martín

MealFlour traveled to San Martín, Zapotitlan, near the coast in Reu, to help the family taking care of a mealworm farm toast their first batch of mealworms. This month, family enjoyed the gusanos (worms) whole with lime and salt, but they plan turn their next batch into a flour.


New partners, friends, and recipes

Last month, the MealFlour team talked with with two potential new partner organizations who work with various communities in the departments of Chimaltenango and Quiche. Through these new partnerships, we hope to expand to these additional regions next month and throughout 2018.

Also in Chimaltenango, MealFlour started working with a farmer who grows mealworms, crickets, and other edible insects.

MealFlour celebrated Día de Los Muertos and raised awareness of edible insects with Tacorazon, a restaurant in Xela. On the 31st, a special topping option of toasted mealworms was added to their regular menu.

In Other News...

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