2019 Midyear

The train-the-trainer program in Huehue has begun!

In February, MealFlour presented the program to the women in Colotenango interested in being mealworm farming trainers and experts.

Andrea, MealFlour’s program coordinator, has been working with the Fundación Contra el Hambre to accomodate different schedules during coffee season so that everyone who is excited about starting farms has the opportunity to participate.

We’re excited to continue analyzing the feedback on lessons with our partner at the University of Wisconsin as part of our evaluation of the training program.

Meanwhile in Quetzaltenango and Chimaltenango…

The farms in Candelaria continue to grow and we’re working to help set up a supply chain for the women who want to start selling some of their larvas.

The farms of the leaders in Santa Apolonia are also doing well. Follow-up in Chimaltenango is ongoing and the farmers are excited to be part of understanding how the farms function in different regions of Guatemala.

Continuing partnership with Primeros Pasos

In February and April, MealFlour visited the Primeros Pasos clinic in the Palajunoj Valley to give a class to their volunteers and doctors on cooking mealworms. We also brought them a farm for them to take care of in the clinic. To collaborate on optimizing the farming process in the region, MealFlour also provided thermometers and a system to monitor the farm.

Presentations and collaborations with USAC

In March, Andrea went to San Carlos University in Quetzaltenango (CUNOC) to present to a group of students interested in MealFlour. We are very grateful to these students for donating to support the train-the trainer program in Huehuetenango.

Women Stop Hunger Awards 2019

Thank you to Stop Hunger for welcoming MealFlour to Paris along with 3 other amazing women working on food security and nutrition initiatives around the world. With the Women Stop Hunger grant and the money raised from the ceremony, we are excited to support the new farmers in Huehuetenengo.

Perfecting the farming process in various climates

In Xela, MealFlour is continuing to experiment and optimize the best ways to farm mealworms in the city. We are currently putting together resources and gathering best-practices in mealworm farming in various climates. If you would like to participate in our research by starting and monitoring your own mealworm farm, reach out to us at: elizabeth@mealflour.org

Expanding trainings to Jutiapa Department

At the end of June, MealFlour will travel to El Progreso, Jutiapa in Guatemala to partner with a primary school and hospital that are interested in starting their own mealworm farming training program! Stay tuned for updates.


In other news…

  • MealFlour was featured in UChicago News

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