January 2017


Surveys in Candelaria

In January, MealFlour started our 6-month follow up with the women in Candelaria. The home visits allow the women to ask any additional questions they might have and allow us to check-in on how the farms are doing. To improve the training program for future communities, MealFlour also conducted an exit survey. The survey asked for feedback on lessons and tested the women's knowledge of mealworm farming. Two Universidad de San Carlos medical students, Kevin and Carlos, volunteered to help administer the surveys to ensure the anonymity of the participants.

New Volunteers

This month we welcomed a new volunteer to the team, Caitlin West! Caitlin will work on our city outreach and operations in Xela; assisting with the farms and working with the team to build a rooftop greenhouse and compost-heated farm. We are also in the process of recruiting a University of Chicago student intern, who will be joining us in Guatemala this Summer for 10 weeks.  

Discount Edible Insect Products

Curious about edible insects, but don't want to start your own farm just yet? Through our growing partnership with Entomo Farms in Canada, MealFlour supporters now can get 10% off Entomo's edible insect products AND 10% will be donated to MealFlour. They sell honey mustard crickets, BBQ flavored crickets, and insect powders to make your own treats. For the discount, use the checkout code: mealflour

Thank you!

We want to thank everyone for your generous support during our 2016 crowdfunding campaign. Because of your help, we can extend our program to help even more communities this year! Congratulations to our raffle winners who will receive a batch of MealFlour cookies; Nathalia Cibotti, Scott Loring, and the Verspyck family. Missed the crowdfunding campaign window? MealFlour's donation line is now open!



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