February 2018

Thank you! Now on to 2018...

Thank you to everyone who donated to our 2017 end-of-year crowdfunding campaign. Because of your help we can work towards our goals for 2018, which include:

  • Train-the-trainer program at the Puesto de Salud in Estancia de la Virgen, on the border of the Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango departments
  • Train-the-trainer program in the Palajunoj Valey with Primeros Pasos
  • Create and test model for new farmers to sell mealworms to local businesses
  • Work with MIGHTi, which operates in Zambia, to create a scalable open source mealworm farming program
  • Train-the-trainer program with a cohort in Guatemala City
  • Completion of an experiement to find more efficient and low-cost mealworm farming model
  • Work with Professor Marianne Shockley from the University of Georgia to conduct a Lessons Learned in Edible Insects study
  • Y más...

Meetings in three languages with ADEMI

At the end of 2017, MealFlour presented to a group of promatoras from all around the department of Chimaltenango. MealFlour will be working with ADEMI in communities that primarily speak Kaqchikel, an indigenous Mayan language.

In February, the women built their farms and received starter packs.

New partnership with a community health center 

On February 1, MealFlour traveled to the border of Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango to present to a group of women at a health center in La Estancia de La Virgin, Quetzaltenango. Several of the women expressed interest and we are working with the health center to organize a train-the-trainer program.

In Other News...

  • Just hearing about MealFlour? Take a look at our 2017 annual report HERE
  • Do you have experience working with or for an edible insect organization, or know someone who does? We want your input! In collaboration with Professor Marianne Shockley from the University of Georgia, MealFlour is conducting a study on the lessons learned in edible insects. Please help spread the word.
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